Here and abroad, we give their future a chance.

Les AEM : for the future of the children of the world.

As a non-profit non-political and nonreligious association, the function of the AEM is to provide long-term help to children in need either through local action in the area, or by looking for a French foster family for those who no longer have a future in their own country.

Helping the AEM helps 5000 children every day to prepare
for their future.


Created in 1970 by Mrs Minnie Gallozzi-Ulmann to help the children victims of the Vietnam war, the association « The Friends of the Children from Vietnam » renamed in 1976 « The Friends of the Children of the World » (“Les Amis des Enfants du Monde” or AEM in French) has been expanding ever since.
As a non-profit non-political and nonreligious association, the function of the AEM is to provide long-term help to children in need either through local action in the area, or by looking for a French foster family for those who no longer have a future in their own country.


Key figures

More than 6000 children, from 10 countries,
adopted over the last 40 years.
One of the largest adoption agency in France.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Help on-site
Annual budget of around 700 000 €
- Divided between thirteen countries in Asia,
Africa and America.
- Supporting around 60 projects or « roofs »,
managed by our local partners.                                                    



We provide a family to children who have no
future in their country of birth.

> In the interests of the children
The method and the authority set up by the AEM for adoption give the child's interest top priority.
It is about offering them a real, effective and material stability in a family in France.

> The foster families
The files of the couples attending the adoption process are studied carefully to ensure the child's well-being when
living in the family.

> Assisting the families
In the departments, representatives are specifically trained to accompany the foster family throughout the journey to
adoption. Meetings, information and exchanges lead to the development of mutual trust between the couple and the AEM.

AEM is classified as an Authorized Organisation
for Adoption (OAA) by the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and International Development




We finance education and medical care for
children in need.

> Becoming responsible and autonomous adults
The programmes supported by the AEM are centred towards the complete education of children (food, education and medical care). They offer real prospects to the children.

> Answering local needs

« Country » AEM teams identify local actions compatible
with their own objectives.
These teams work hand in hand with local correspondents
managing the projects. They evaluate needs and work on
site every year to make sure their actions are followed.              

> Financing the actions
Donations, sponsorship and products of the volunteer
actions are the only financing of the projects.
The AEM ensure rigorous administration of this funding
and act in total transparency.

AEM is a Non Governmental Organisation
(NGO), present on three continents.



A shared commitment

for the future of the children of the world.

> Around 400 delegates
The AEM are represented in France by a strong and friendly
network of volunteer delegates.

> An activist, individual commitment
Delegates commit themselves individually to support the actions of the AEM, and use their talents and skills to serve children in need all around the world.

> United and shared actions
Events, group or individual actions, allow the diffusion of the projects of the AEM and the funding throughout France.

> Constant training
The delegates attend regular training to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Each respects the shared
ethic and the law of the countries in which they work.

AEM is an association established under the
French law of 1901, recognized as a public facility
and authorized to receive donations and legacies.